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Commercial Services

Commercial Services - Commercial Services
Allow our technicians access to support your PC remotely.

Residential Services

Residential Services - Residential Services

We now have 2 day service as a standard.  Call us for details!!

Our complete PC and Laptop repair and upgrade services are available at our office at 15 East Main Street or on-site at your residence.
Virus Removal - $55.00
Full System Rebuild - $95.00

Rebuild + AVG Security Suite



E-Waste Recycling

EWaste Recycling Services - EWaste Recycling Services
We are now accepting desktop computers, laptop computers, flat panel and CRT monitors, and small office/home office printers. It makes no difference to us whether the items are in working order or not, we will take them all.
Equipment Disposal Fee
Computer $3.00
Printer $7.00
Monitor $5.00
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